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ReCor Medical has developed a unique therapeutic non-focused ultrasound system for performing renal denervation in patients with resistant hypertension.

The PARADISE® technology (Percutaneous Renal Denervation System) includes a 6 French catheter with a cylindrical transducer that emits ultrasound energy circumferentially, allowing for a more efficient renal
denervation procedure.

The PARADISE™ catheter deployed within a renal artery

The PARADISE® catheter deployed within a renal artery

Ultrasound Energy Delivery

Ultrasound energy consists of high-frequency sound waves (i.e., rapid mechanical oscillations), which are emitted circumferentially by the cylindrical transducer. These sound waves pass through the surrounding fluids and generate frictional heating in soft tissues resulting in a temperature increase and nerve damage at depth. Pathologist Dr. Renu Virmani confirmed that, based on assessment of the ReCor pre-clinical data, this approach “did not affect the arterial wall".

The ultrasound transducer lies within a low-pressure balloon which allows for self-centering of the transducer and gentle contact with the artery wall for uniform, circumferential denervation. This means nerves below the surface of the artery wall are damaged in 360 degrees with a single emission. The balloon also enables cooled fluid to circulate during the energy delivery process, thereby cooling the endothelial wall and protecting it from any excessive heating that could be caused by other energy sources or designs.

Advantages of PARADISE

The advantage of PARADISE® over other technologies is its ability to uniformly circumferentially denervate while simultaneously cooling the endothelial wall, to help enable a safe, consistent, and fast renal denervation procedure. The use of an energy source that does not require direct tissue contact allows for a balloon to be inflated around the transducer and brings the following clinical benefits:

  • PARADISE® balloon enables cooled fluid to circulate during the energy delivery process and keeps the artery wall cool, minimizing damage to non-target tissues
  • PARADISE® balloon centers the ultrasound transducer in the artery and enables controlled, uniform, and circumferential energy delivery
  • PARADISE® controlled, uniform, and circumferential heating is independent of catheter positioning or tissue characteristics and reduces the number of treatment sites required to achieve renal denervation
  • PARADISE® reduced number of treatment sites diminishes the overall procedure times and minimizes pain and discomfort for the patient